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Self Catering Belfast

Value Cabs (Belfast)

Tel: 028 9080 9080

FonaCAB (Belfast)

Tel: 028 9033 3333

Fast Cabs (Ballycastle)

tel: 028 2076 1000

McGinns (Ballycastle)

Tel: 028 2076 8111


Apartments operated and maintained by

  • Corporate Apartments Belfast

    Balmoral Townhouse, South Belfast, Antrim , BT9 6NU
    Self Catering Town House

  • Corporate Apartments Belfast

    College Central Belfast City Centre Close to Grand Opera House
    Accommodation to rent for short term beside Grand Opera House in Belfast

  • Corporate Apartments Belfast

    Winter Garden, Belfast, Co Antrim , BT2 8ED
    Duplex Self Catering Apartment in the centre of Belfast

  • Corporate Apartments Belfast

    19 Marine Apartments, Ballycastle , Antrim , BT54 6BN
    Self Catering Apartment

  • Corporate Apartments Belfast

    Obel 301 Apartment - beside Custom House Square Belfast City Centre
    Serviced accommodation within walking distance to Belfast City Centre